Sunday, 25 March 2018

"We Met On Facebook, She Called Me ´Deeper Life Pastor´. We're Getting Married"

28 May 2016.
Our paths crossed.
Not in some pristine location with soft music providing the perfect ambiance or in some hallowed setting, lifting up holy hands. Fellowshipping? Nah!
We met on the feisty street of Facebook, the `walless´city of Zukerville, where love flirts constantly with war. Yeah!
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It was a weekend, meaning no work. Like David, from the walls of my page, I took a stroll on the busy streets of Zukerville, trying to catch up on all the avoidable dramas I have missed when a birthday picture caught my attention. Babe!
She´s not your typical social media slay queen and the poses were nothing out of the ordinary but …in her eyes, my raging Arian soul finds an unusual calm. Blissful innocence!
When did we become friends? I quizzed myself while scanning through her wall and updates as I always do when accepting a friend request or when someone catches my fancy. Mehn, she isn´t just beautiful and intelligent, she´s also a Jesus lover! AMEN!!!
I remembered the scripture, which says:

´Every good and perfect gift comes from God…´
I slid into her inbox. Yes Lord! Not every time, you hear an audible voice urging you to make the move for it!
I broke the ice with a nice birthday message. Two minutes later, she responded. I felt like I won the lottery. We chatted for the rest of the day and the days to come. It was pure bliss! After a couple of days, it was hard to go by without chatting with each other. Hol up!!!
I lied. She showed me pepper on the first day oooo! Not the second day, first day of chatting! She finished me!!! You know Lawyers naaa? Omo, I was on the hot seat oooo with no lifeline!

Chai! Dami made fun of me. Called me ´Deeper Life Youth Pastor ´and said my surname means ´Bicycle´. Lmao!
(See screenshots below)
Now who is laughing last? Hehehehehe!
We took to each other like fish to water. I am very accommodating and playful and she has this child-like curiosity and innocence that sometimes comes off as being blunt. I fell in love with her sincerity and days into our friendship, I knew forever has a hand in this.
However, things weren´t always this rosy and beautiful. We had moments when we felt like giving up. In fact, some 6 months ago, we broke up! We came to the end of ourselves and like a pack of cards, we fell …

But in that moment, when we have come to the end of ourselves, we turned it all to God. Like a seed, fallen to the ground and buried, we saw our flaws in our unclothedness. And in the secret, we worked very hard at our flaws, keeping communication lines open.
The change came but not as rapid as we anticipated but when it finally did, we were grateful for the experience because it made us stronger.
And on the 7th of April, 2018, we will be saying our vows to each other.
True, love can find us in strange places but lasting relationships require the work. Dee, you are worth the work! And I will gladly put in the work over and over again. Thank you for not giving up on us and for putting up with my naughtiness.
Finally, thank you Facebook for the platform and the opportunity to connect.
Oya, lemme slide into her inbox again. Lol!
Pix by Jossy

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