Saturday, 31 March 2018

Jealous Wife Kills Husband In His Sleep For Having A Baby With Another Woman (Graphic Pictures)

Image result for sergeant in the Gabonese army died immediately after the knife attack by his jealous wife.
According to reports, A woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her husband while he was fast asleep following an accusation of infidelity. The woman was said to have stabbed her husband to death in his sleep for having a baby with another woman.
The incident reportedly happened in Gabon. The deceased who is reported to be a sergeant in the Gabonese army died immediately after the knife attack by his jealous wife in their room he wasn’t even taken to the hospital.
During interrogation, the woman allegedly confessed that she killed him for cheating on her and having a baby behind her back.

Taking advantage that he was asleep on Wednesday night, the scorned woman inflicted several stab wounds on the man which led to his death.
Ibe Caleb shared photos of the incident on Facebook and wrote;
According to eye 👁 witness report
This woman killed her husband for having a baby for another woman.
According to a source they have be married for 6years no kids so she allowed the man to fall asleep so she descend on him with knife 🔪 🔪
See the graphic photos of the man below;
The woman’s action angered some people who took to social media to air their views. Read some below;
Now she will spend the rest of her life in a military prison without a child of her own. The man though dead, has a child to carry on his name. Stupid actions degat dare consequences
You would have asked yourself what is really important and then have the courage to build your life around your answer instead of killing him
there are better ways of getting back to people than killing them…now you’ll cool off in prison.

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