Thursday, 29 March 2018

Lady Cries Out As Husband Who She Has 3 Kids With Is Set To Marry Another Woman

A Lady identified as Ndukwe Nkechi on Facebook took to the social networking platform to call out her ex-husband who she had her three children with, over the news that he’s about to get married to another woman.

She said that her estranged husband moved on after their separation but she has been the one taking care of their three children because he supposedly didn’t have the resources to but now, he’s about to get remarried and Nkechi finds this unfair.

She says she too ought to have a life of her own and not have to worry about accumulated bills as she could get resources from her estranged husband.

She wrote:

“So I just found out that my ex-hubby who I had 3 kids with got married last Saturday. It doesn’t hurt me because he moved on, but because I’ve been caring for our kids alone thinking he’s got nothing.

Which man abandons his kids this way, please???
I’m pained
Not happy at all
I’m sad!
I too deserve to save some cash and fix my life up.
I too have personal needs to meet.
I too deserve to think about myself even if for just a minute and not worry about accumulated bills.
Life’s a f*cking asshole!

Maybe he’s here
Who knows?? In case you’re seeing this, “you’re a damn Coward: just so you know Mr. N. D.”

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