Sunday, 25 March 2018

‘Put Shame Aside, Come Back To Life’ — Liz Da Silva Advises Colleague, Lola Margaret Deported From US

Nollywood actress, Liz Da Silva has advised her colleague, actress Lola Margret, who was deported from the United States over alleged fraudulent activity to put the shame behind her and move on with her life.

Actress Lola Margaret, who celebrated her birthday yesterday, reportedly has been maintaining a low profile since she returned to Nigeria.
In a birthday message to Lola, which she posted on her Instagram page, Liz Da Silva advised the actress to put the shame behind her and move on with her life irrespective of what people would say about her.

Liz assured Lola Maragret of her support and said her shoulders are available for her to lean on in case Lola needs to cry.
Liz Da Silva wrote: “Pls darling, you need to put somethings behind you and take the next step… come back to life as our ever smiling Lola Margaret. NOTE…. those who say bullshit about you got nothing to offer, so keep you head upright and move on honey. And if truly you’re around my shoulders are available okay, I love and miss you my darling friend”

Lola Margaret was reportedly deported back to Nigeria as an ex-convict because of an incident with the US Police over an alleged fraud case she was involved in.
The actress allegedly got nabbed after a strong surveillance was placed on her account. She was suspected to have been withdrawing huge sums consistently before she was nabbed.
Sources close to the actress alleged that the Lola was initially released on condition that she reveals the identities of the characters she was working with on the illegal withdrawals, and she did.
After got released, she took to Instagram to thank God. She said, “What else can say onto the Lord? than thank u, my God is good”. However, the police later returned to take her in for further interrogations, and she has been in their custody ever since.
There was no official report on the alleged card fraud by the Atlanta police, but the actress’ mugshot surfaced online.

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