Monday 9 May 2016

As Alleged Wife Killer Lekan Shonde Settle Down In Horrendous Panti Cell Yaba - Five Events He Will Regret For The Rest of His Life

As Lekan Shonde settles in the horrendous holding cell at Panti, Yaba, Lagos, where he would spend many days before his transfer to a prison, several events will occupy the mind of the alleged killer of his wife of eight years and mother of his two children, Ronke.

His plotted bright future, one with his children, will flash through his mind’s eye. But the events of the last few days have changed all that. He is left with the grim, clear and dangerous days ahead. This new tomorrow he never planned would make him inconsolable. He would cry and whimper. But his future is no longer under his control.

5 events have conspired to rob him of his peace and bright future. And everything changed with these events woven into his fate and destiny…
1. The day he met Ronke
The day the lovers met would constantly be a source of regret for the suspect. Every time he remembers how they met, how he toasted and courted her, persuaded her to date him, he will be full of regrets. If only they never met, if only she never agreed, if only she turned down his proposal, if he had listened to his mother. Many ifs…
2. Marrying a younger wife with high sexual appetite
If it is true that he is 52 and she was in her 30s, he would wish he had married some one in his league, with similar sexual appetite. He would have wished he married someone who has the same level of passion and appetite, who would not taunt him, as he claimed. There is no way the sexual appetite of two lovers with a huge age gap will be similar. No way !
3. Not walking out of the marriage
There have been signs that the marriage would end in doom. Many signs that he ignored. And now, a charge of killing his wife. Being a bachelor in old age, being a divorcee, can never be compared to a suspected killer. Anything is better than facing a manslaughter or murder charge, with the possibility of death or perpetual incarceration.
4. Raising his hands against the wife
Beating ones spouse starts with threats of physical harm, verbal abuse and torments. If only he never started. Domestic violence can not change a woman, especially one he is accusing of having loose morals. Nothing can. So, why bother, thinking you could beat sense into her. You can’t. And violence has a way of escalating beyond ones design.
5. Being at home on the night of Thursday, May 5
If only something took him away that night. If only he was held up, or didn’t come home at all. There would be no altercations, nothing. If he had just let her be, take all the purported insults, slept alone and swallow his pride.

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