Sunday 8 May 2016

'Put Him Down, He's My Husband': The Moment Bra Tycoon Michelle Mone Picked Up a 'Child' in Front of 3,000 People in Vietnam Before Realizing He Was A (very small) Married MAN, Aged 46

Michelle Mone, pictured, tweeted her shame: 'Thought this was a six-year-old, picked him up, he’s a MAN'

Lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone last night revealed her most embarrassing moment – scooping up an adorable Vietnamese ‘child’ in front of 3,000 people, then discovering that he was actually a 46-year-old married man.
The Tory business tsar – nicknamed ‘Baroness Bra’ after being made a peer last year – was speaking at an entrepreneurs’ conference in Vietnam when the ‘boy’ ran up to her with flowers. 
She picked him up for a cuddle and a selfie. 

Michelle Mone is pictured at the entrepreneurs' conference in Vietnam, where she was approached by what she thought was a child carrying a bunch of flowers 

But then a woman sitting in the front row shouted: ‘Put him down – I’m his wife!’
Baroness Mone of Mayfair told The Mail on Sunday: ‘The guy was fine with it and the whole room was screaming with laughter. 

'I thought something was wrong – his teeth were bright yellow from nicotine.’
Later, the man’s wife asked Lady Mone whether it was simply ‘British custom’ to pick people up in that way. 

The Scottish founder of the Ultimo underwear chain revealed her gaffe yesterday on Twitter with a snap and the tweet: ‘Thought this was a six-year-old, picked him up, he’s a MAN.’
However, the revelation has left some questioning whether the tweet was simply a tactic to promote Baroness Mone’s new fake tan product – as the image was first uploaded to her Instagram page six months ago. 
Her spokesman denied this.
The reason for the man's small stature has not been explained. 

Via- DailyMail

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