Saturday 14 May 2016

Video Vixen Exposes Comedian Ali Baba's Cousin, Andy, Who She Alleged Raped Her, Shows Evidence (Photos)

According to a Nigerian Video Vixen that goes by the name @Enigma_laduchess on Instagram, she was raped and brutalized last night by Ali Baba's cousin named Andy Muller, with IG name, Andyy_Muller, not only was she raped, she was brutalized and when she spoke out and arrested him, he begged her at the police station.

Alleged rapist, Andy, with Ali Baba..
However, to her shock, after she dropped the case against Andy, he took the wrong turn and threatened blackmail, said he would disgrace and embarrass her by releasing her naked pics.
Enigma also posted the Whatsapp chats where Andrew was threatening and taunting her. He even boasted that he always does what he wants and gets away with it.

Now, this Andy, born of a woman, sounds so cold and ruthless in the messages... Sounds more like an irritant... I'm trying not to talk until I get to hear his own side of the story.. Read the chilling chats below..

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