Sunday 8 May 2016

In a Humanitarian Gesture Good Nigerians Come To Rescue Mother Of Late Nigerian Football Legend Rashidi Yekini with #50,000

Well-meaning Nigerians have showed support for the mother of Nigerian Legendary football star, Rashidi Yekini after news broke that she is now selling bread to survive.

According to information shared by Suraj Tunji Oyewale, Founder of JARUSHUB, he along with a few others have decided to take the bull by the horn to assist the poor woman. He has also called on other well meaning Nigerians to help lift this woman who gave birth to one of Nigeria's foremost footballers.

Oyewale, in the post below, stated the objective and mode of the project in detail:

Rashidi Yekini

This is Alhaja Sidikat, mother of former best footballer in Africa, Rashidi Yekini, who died 4 years ago. According to Sahara Reporters, she's struggling for living, selling bread.

"I know everyone has their own personal and family challenges and things are tough everywhere, but I want to champion the raising of N50,000 for this woman.

I'm from Offa, and Ira, Rashidi's hometown where the woman is, is just a stone-throw away from Offa.

I know that a good number of my friends here live in Offa, can I have 2 people to volunteer to go and see this woman and confirm this story. Pls inbox me.

After the two people have verified, they will send the report with pictures to me and I share here.

We will embark on fund raising. Just 50k.

After we raise the money, we will get people on ground (i.e our Offa and environs-based friends here) to deliver to her, with pictures just as proof.

I nominate one of our active and reputable friends here, Femi Olabisi, Registrar of Offa COE, as Field Champion to lead the delivery of the money to her.

We should do this in 1 week. I propose this timeline.

Saturday & Sunday (8-9th May): Getting volunteers to verify.

Monday (10th): Volunteers (2) visit to verify and report back.

Tuesday - Thursday (11th-12th): Fund raising - Donations and contribution. Target is 50k.

Saturday, 15th: Delivery of the money to her

Sunday: Post-project report.

More suggestions are welcomed.

AFTERTHOUGHT: Or will it be better to get a shop for her and stock it? But will 50k do that?"

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