Monday 9 May 2016

Mother Praises a Morrisons Shop Worker Who Played Shop With Her Blind Autistic Daughter to Calm Her Down After She 'Went into Meltdown' in Viral Facebook Post

Mother praises Morrisons worker who helped calm her blind autistic daughter

Amanda Wilkins, from Basingstoke, praised Morrisons' checkout worker Lin (left) after she played 'shop' with her daughter Holly who is registered blind and has autism. The mother took to Facebook to praise (right) the kind stranger for deciding to 'help instead of judge' and inspired thousands of other people to reveal how much acts of kindess mean to them. The post has now been liked more than 432,000 times and the supermarket has given Lin a bouquet and cheque in thanks.

'It doesn't happen very often! She distracted my daughter by letting her scan all my shopping. A dream come true for Holly who loves playing "shops". 
'It melts my heart to come across people that are prepared to go the extra mile, and little acts of kindness makes a massive difference to my world. I hope this gets back to her and she knows how much we appreciate it.'
Amanda posted a touching picture of the employee letting her daughter scan two pints of milk on her checkout.
Facebook users praised Lin for her kind gesture and mothers with disabled children also thanked her for what she did
Facebook users praised Lin for her kind gesture and mothers with disabled children also thanked her for what she did

Strangers who read the post were touched, including disabled people who revealed what similar kindnesses had meant to them.
Anne Greenfield, who described herself as disabled, said: I know what a difference it makes to me when someone shows a little care and kindness, so Lin was not only helping the little girl  she was helping mum too so Morrisons, I hope you realise what a diamond you've got. 
While Samantha Elliott posted how she had been helped by Lin herself. She wrote: 'Our daughter adores her, Lin has always made such a fuss over our little girl Bella and even let Bella sit in her fab car when we spotted her leaving work one day. Morrisons are very lucky to have a such a lovely lady working there.'

While a woman who used the name Nik Naks posted about her own experiences of shopping with a disabled child.
She wrote: 'Our life is so hard at times, especially shopping, so someone helping like this rather than judging our children is so awesome and makes our life so much easier! Massive well done.'
While Lesleyanne Fagan was also full of praise for Lin. She wrote: 'Well done to this amazing woman Lin. I know how tough it can be shopping as I have four kids and this act of kindness restores a little faith in the world. I am sure the little girl whose dream you made come true will never forget you.' 
And she had a suggestion for how the supermarket could thank Lin, saying a bottle of Champagne 'for doing such an amazingly kind thing is in order.'

Natalie de Gier-Henry wrote it was 'beautiful and heartwarming.' An act of kindness goes a long way to anyone but especially us mums of disabled children. I have an amazing son who has cerebral palsy and whenever someone helps or even offers to help me when I'm out and about, I get a tear in my eye and a warm feeling inside.
'These acts of kindness turn what might have been a difficult day for us right around.' 
As well as congratulating Lin for being a 'diamond,' she also thanked mum Amanda for sharing her story, 'high five for taking the time to post this status of recognition. What an amazing mother I'm sure you are.'
Liz was given flowers and a cheque for her kind gesture by store manager Simon Nellis, right
Liz was given flowers and a cheque for her kind gesture by store manager Simon Nellis, right

Mai Moore congratulated Lin on her gesture. She posted: 'That's all it takes, love, understanding and support from the lovely people around us at this very distressing time.' 
While Nikki Jane Levitt added: 'What an amazing lady, Lin should be awarded for all her help. She's done a lovely thing for the children making the little girl so happy and a dream to scan items.'
And Carol Weston also wrote a glowing comment about Lin who was served her in Morrisons previously. She wrote: 'She is always very helpful and should be employee of the year.'
After seeing the post, Morrisons have rewarded Lin for her efforts and she was given a bouquet as well as a cheque to thank her. 
Store manager Simon Nellis posted: 'Reading to Lin why she was receiving flowers and a gift was really hard as I was getting genuinely choked up.'

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