Sunday 8 May 2016

Lagos Today! Lady Evicted by the Police in Error, Wants Justice After the Police Insist She Pays Them

On Thursday, Medina Faith Billy’s house was stormed by some policemen, who threw out her properties on the orders of a Lagos State High Court, only to discover later that they got the house address wrong. But instead of apologizing and allowing Billy to return her properties back into the house, they refused to open the gate and demanded to be paid a certain amount of money.

An obviously distraught Billy has now launched a Facebook campaign to ensure that she gets justice. In a post on her page, she wrote: “There is no law in this country anymore some men came from Lagos high court to our house to evacaute all our things without a day quick notice without a month notice.

I was telling them to call the landlord they insisted no d order was from d high court of Lagos. Police men that came were upto 30 d agbaro that came with them were up to 40 I was explaining to them they came to d wrong house because we have two 21in our street but they didn’t listen.

They were throwing my all property like ball damaging my ac. And other things. I said to my self were is d law in d country because police that were meant to support and protect d citizen of this country the same police pointing guns at their citizen just because they have d guns.

After throwing all our property outside they lock gate. They later find out that they came to the wrong house. They broke d gate and ask us to pay them money to take the property back to our apartment.”

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