Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Sex Doll Trending On Twitter: Checks Out Some African Funny reactions To This New Trend

See all the hilarious tweets below…

Sex Doll:  Checks out some African reactions to this new trend
If all U do is take take & Take + U bring nothing to the table in your current relation or situationship then U should be afraid of a 🙂
Only those who have only sex to offer feel threatened by sex dolls. Sex dolls don't make money
sex dolls don't plan vacations
sex dolls don't pray
sex dolls don't cook
sex dolls don't give advise
sex dolls don't motivate
sex dolls don't compliment
don't be a sex doll, be human.

This sex doll issue has shown how pained women can be in the face of competition. Now ladies are now admitting that washing plates and clothes are their jobs. I thought you are wives not maids. Shilow people gbogbo

Don’t think these sex doll tweets is all just jokes.. most of these niggas would actually buy that shit 🤦🏽‍♂️

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