Saturday, 20 January 2018

'You Are A Coward' - Amara, Kanu Nwankwo's Wife Blasts Ogbonna Kanu, His Younger Brother

Mother of three and wife of Nigeria's most decorated Footballer, Kanu Nwankwo, Amara Kanu has taken to Instagram to blast the heck out of Ogbonna Kanu, her husband's younger brother.

This is coming after Ogbonna posted a ticket to a game on his Instagram page. Amara is claiming the ticket belongs to her sons.

Recall that in June 2017, Ogbonna Kanu was busted on Instagram for showing off ‘Fake Life’, when he hinted that he was traveling outside the country with a photo he posted on Instagram, only for Nigerians to expose him for using old photos to ‘deceive’ his followers.

It was discovered that the flight photo he shared on his Instagram about flying to New York, was actually an old photo from 2016 when he flew with his older brother Nwankwo Kanu on Qatar Airways.
She later reposted this on her instagram

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  • amarakanuThis is 2018 bro. Nothing is given to you. You want your peace? Fight for it. #2018 #fightforyourrights#peaceofmind #nothingisgiven#atimeforeverything #timesup
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  • mzrosszie@mazichiko for someone who claims to be a Psychologist, your IQ is too low. Receive wisdom πŸ’―
  • amchidoxYou are talking trash! Kanu built your family house in the village, trained your siblings in school, put you through school in the UK he still gives your siblings money till date but you came to Instagram to cry for 50 pounds football ticket. If you are not comfortable with the situation, talk to your husband about it he's the one who can change things by standing his ground. What you've succeeded in doing is creating discord and breeding hate now your husband will give his brother money without letting you know. You are not a wise woman, social media will not solve this problem for you, it will only complicate the issue and your brother in law will play the victim card to other members of the family. Remember Kanu owns the money not you leave the bullshit of what belongs to my husband belongs to me go and ask Ahmed Musa wife how far!?
  • dimmapearl_ez@prettylittleliarliarliarhonestly, she should drag him and his bald front hair.
  • dorisconcept20@lapinky014 my no be small
  • dimmapearl_ez@agtac_official shut up pls.
  • pweetyprissyI'm lateπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή
  • alerobuttercup@thefearlessheart you know it my dear. God bless you hun you nailed it
  • iphieezechukwu@mzrosszie Her son probably “begged” for that ticket. Her son “probably” bragged in school and to his friends and neighbors that he was going to the games. Her son probably “dreamt and fantasized on how he would get to take pictures with his favorite players and autograph. Her son probably “went on for weeks to n the house” about the games at home and whenever they dined as family. Also bear in mind that her Husband is not always in the country with them. This would have afforded them a very good father and son bonding time. Now and uncle Who should be able to afford the ticket shouldn’t have done that to his nephew. If u know how excited kids can get about little things they have wanted for soooo long you would understand @amarakanufrustration as a mother when the ticket was taken away. Her husband would probably be leaving the UK and she would be left with a son she willing be consoling weeks on end. I UNDERSTAND her anger. Also bearing in mind she stated that he had tried to frustrate her but she endured but her kids??? No mother would tolerate it.
  • kokins2000@stephykizzy God bless for your comment I don't know why people are carrying someone's comment on der head.
  • iamogechic@chizoma nice one. Best comment!
  • romanngodess@mzrosszie plz leave Amara alone. U have no idea wat it took for her to offload her anger like that. Do u know how much she has bottled up in her heart for so many years? Do u know how much shit she must have chopped from these ppl? Amara is one of the most admired celebrity wives on social media. People love and respect her a lot. So for her to call Ogbonna out publicly it means she has had enough! Everybody has their limits, she cant keep chopping bullshit all her life
  • mzrosszie@thefearlessheart@everythingsrosey1 @amymadona@realportia1 @senex_mike _mike you all can argue with your keypads or better still blame your ancestors for eating your brain!
  • nwabuife99Result of obodooyibo
  • iamogechic@dimmapearl_ez lmao
  • louiscandy1@peachyhairs ice money no mind dis @mzrosszie for her mind she dey mk solid point
  • amymadona@mzrosszie lonely hag
  • missamusaIt is well.
  • mzrosszie@realportia1 thought you were an optimist but what do I know. After 4 years in AbsuπŸ™„πŸ™„
  • iamogechicVoice out Amara, is ur family, ur baby, ur life, ur children's right, don't look uche face nonsense! I love you hun @amarakanu
  • romanngodess@prettylittleliarliarliarYessss!! chop kiss for ur comment πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ drag them without mercy!!

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