Friday 26 July 2019

Bride Cancels Wedding After Groom’s Pregnant Sidechick Showed Up With Receipts

There was confusion at a wedding on Saturday, July 20, after another lady showed up claiming she was pregnant by the groom.

The confusion led to the bride’s family returning the groom’s items and clothing at the church and abruptly canceled the wedding. Blogger David Papa Bondze-Mbir who narrated the incident in a series of posts on Facebook, posted that the wedding was supposed to start at 10:30am.

At 12:00pm, the the bride and her family had not appeared even though the groom, his family, and invited guests had been seated for a while. The bride’s phone and those of her family members had been switched off.

While still at the church, rumors started circulating.  After hours of hectic inquiries, it emerged that the groom’s side chick showed up at the bride’s family house about an hour before the wedding with the claims that she is 5 weeks pregnant by the husband to be.

Apparently, the affair had been going on for over a year. The sidechick showed the bride text mesaages from the groom and a picture of her ultrasound.

According to a Facebook post from someone inside the church, the sidechick also claimed to be unaware that her baby daddy to be was in a serious relationship, let along about to get married.

Outraged by the claim, the family of the woman without even taking time to crosscheck the groom and his family called off the wedding and switched off their phones without informing anyone. It took the friends of the bride to inform the groom and her family what was going on.

The family returned the engagement drinks, ring and items to the groom’s family at the Church’s premise which was still packed.

Interestingly, the traditional marriage ceremony had been done earlier in the morning and thus brought about huge problems for the family.

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