Sunday 21 July 2019

My Wife’s Killers Won’t Know Peace –Funke’s Husband, Idowu Olakunrin

My wife’s killers won’t know peace –Funke’s husband, Idowu Olakunrin
Babatope Okeowo Akure The husband of Mrs. Funke Olakunrin, the daughter of Pa Reuben Fasoranti, the leader of the Pan Yoruba Socio-political group Afenifere, Idowu has rain curses on the killers of his wife and those responsible for kidnapping, banditry and violent crimes in the country.
Idowu who spoke with Saturday Telegraph said those who prevented his 58 years wife from living long enough to bury her nonagenarian father, Pa Reuben Fasoranti will never know peace until they leave the earth. The bereaved husband said the dream of his wife was to give her father befitting burial whenever he joins his compatriots who had gone before him.

His words “Her major unfulfilled dream is her inability to bury her dad. That’s had always been her prayer. All the time that we were together she was praying that God should give her long life to bury her father, it’s a dream unfulfilled.
“My wife was a survivor, she survived a big accident, she survived cancer, and she beat diabetes. Why I said she beat diabetes, there was a time her blood count was between 400 and 500. I am happy for her because she was able to see her grandchildren, she just came back from the United States of America to celebrate the first birthday of her granddaughter and I am happy that she saw and held her grandchildren.
Her unfilled dream was to see Nigeria of her dream but can we see the Nigeria of our dream in our time? That is the question that concerns all Nigerian.” Idowu said there was nothing to live for as his companion, wife, sister, friend, and mother has left him. He, however, said those who were responsible or complicit about the insecurity in the country would not know peace.
He said “It is shocking and it shows poor security situation in our country. For people to suddenly jump out of the bush to the road and start attacking people, it shows Nigeria is heading towards disaster. I am not going to say that Nigeria is going to break down. But the people in charge must take responsibility for the security of the people.
“I must say the lukewarm attitude of President Muhhadu Buhari is encouraging these herdsmen. There are stories here and there that if they are arrested, there is always an instruction from the above that they should be released.
 “Unless the President must come out to say he is not in support of these killer herdsmen in any form and allow the security agencies to perform their duties and 
give them the maximum support that they need, this situation will continue.
 “They have killed my wife now, it is painful, I don’t care if they come after me, but the truth must be told that President Muhhadu Buhari by his action and inaction is encouraging these killings, banditry. If Nigeria breaks up today, as far I am concerned, he should be held responsible. When you prefer an ethnic group above other, we have history, history will judge you.
 “If you say you are above the law and nobody can judge you, you are a Muslim and you believe in karma, you believe in Allah, I leave you in their court, they will judge you accordingly. They know me, you know my address, you can direct your men to come and kill me.
They have done what they could. They can’t do worse anymore. “This woman has a 93-year-old father; they want to see him suffer. Those who are responsible for this suffering will never know peace. They will forever suffer. Those who know something about it will never know peace. If President Buhari is responsible by his action or inaction and he is encouraging these Fulani herdsmen to kill, he will never know peace.
 You pray to God every day, you go to the mosque every Friday, you rule a country only for people to be slaughtered like a chicken, you keeping quiet and not doing anything about that, well, I don’t care, you will never know peace.”
 Describing his wife in a glowing words, Idowu said “I had a very good and beautiful wife, she was a neatness freak, kind generous, loving, caring, selfless but my happiness is that she left a very good legacy behind because she touched so many lives, irrespective of your religion, Christians, Muslims, Easterners, Northerners, in short, she was Nigerian personified, she would never discriminate, very hardworking woman who was very loyal to her bosses.
 “She abhorred corruption; she would never touch anything dirty, she was mindful of her background. The Olakunri is well known in Nigeria, so also the Fasoranti, so it was as if she was carrying two burdens and she tried as much as possible to make sure that the names of the two families were never tarnished.
 “I don’t know how to cook, I don’t know how to boil water, I don’t know how to buy things, she did everything for me, she was my mother, my sister, she was my confidant, but what can I say, they took her away, but those who did it, those who are complicit through their action or inaction will neve r know   peace.
 Since the incident happened, that has been my prayer, that those who participated or those who their action or inaction and are complicit will never and never know peace.” The father of the deceased, the 93-year old Afenifere leader said he would miss the warmth of his daughter.
 Fasoranti said “ I will miss her warmth, her openness. She was friendly with everybody and she was a goal-getter. She was good at her job. She was very good. She was not interested in public affairs but she was very keen there should be peace.”
 The daughter of the deceased, Feyisike described the late Olufunke Olakunri as a caring mother, selfless and upright in her dealings.
 Feyisike who sobbed intermittently as she spoke about her mother said “my mum was selfless, she likes to be in everybody’s business, she was everybody’s hero, and my children’s superhero, everybody loved her, she was hardworking and a great woman, she didn’t deserve to go like this at all, not even this young.” According to her, the late mother wanted to do something with the government to make a change.
 She said her mother was coming to Lagos to prepare for her daughter one year birthday when she met her untimely death.
 Feyisike said “My daughter was supposed to turn one soon, she was coming to Lagos to help me plan the birthday. I will miss everything about her. What’s there not to crazy, she was obsessed with him, my mum was a good woman and I hope her memory doesn’t die, she touched a lot of people, I am proud of her even in death, I am proud of   her and will always proud of her.”

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