Tuesday 11 December 2012

Broke Star Lindsay Lohan Can't Pay Rent - Struggles To Pay Her Own Bills.

Lindsay Lohan is in very troubled waters, financially speaking. A short while after the IRS seized all her bank accounts because of her outstanding debts, she is in a position in which she can’t even pay her rent, it has emerged. 
The actress, whose acting comeback hasn’t exactly been as smooth as she might have hoped, is now renting a Beverly Hills mansion for $8,000 (€6,183) a month but, given her recent financial troubles, she’s no longer able to cover it.

 “According to our sources, Lindsay has been scraping together the money to pay her $8,000 rent. We're told Lindsay signed the lease on the home back in February, when her career was on the upswing and the money seemed to be rolling in,” TMZ reports. 

She is bound by contract until February 2013.
“According to our sources, when Lindsay's finances took a turn for the worse (like when the IRS seized her bank accounts) she began doing whatever she could to make rent each month, often hitting up friends for money,” the same media outlet writes. 
Moving is not an option either, as much as she’d like it to be. 

“Lindsay tried to get out of the lease and move out early, but we're told the owners of the home told LiLo the penalty for breaking the lease was MASSIVE,” TMZ notes. 
However, once she’s free to end the lease, Lindsay plans to move to New York. 
In the meantime, she could consider turning for help to a friend like Charlie Sheen, especially since he’s keen to lend her a hand. 

Recent reports claim that the actor is totally in love with her, having fallen for her when they shot their cameo on “Scary Movie 5.”
Because Sheen is the kind of man who takes good care of his lady friends, he’s come up with a solution that would suit them both: Lindsay could become his goddess (which is just Sheen’s way of referring to his lovers) and he would take care of all her debts instead.

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