Tuesday 11 December 2012

See Photos: Ghanian Actress Jackie Appiah & Abeiku Santana In Sex Scandal

Caught In The Act: Abeiku Santana giving it to Jackie Appiah

Following a ‘graphic’ sex scene she acted in an upcoming movie titled ‘Death After Birth’, Ghanaian award-winning actress, Jackie Appiah, is being trailed by a barrage of accusations, among which is infidelity.

Days back, gist started spreading like wildfire in Accra and Kumasi that Jackie was indeed having an illicit affair with a radio presenter turned actor, Abeiku Santana and this story is causing some heat for the actress at the home front.
Sources in Ghana said the sex scene even caused a fight in the studios of Okay FM as Abeiku and his friend, Kwame Amoo, nearly exchanged blow.

The two were said to have rained invectives on each other over the matter. So in a bid to save her face and possibly her marriage, the woman in the middle of the storm, Jackie Appiah, has denied ever making ‘real’ love with Abeiku.

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  1. What is wrong with African women these days? Where are the morals that our parents and grandparents taught us? Why are people finding it difficult to control their sexaul appertise, especially married women? What is these generation turning to for christ sake? Where is the Biblical morals and of what use is the churches springing upeverywhere, when we no longer FEAR GOD? Jackie Appiah, i am disappointed in you, i love and respect you but can't belief, you will belittle yourself in a car....i'm pretty sure you can afford a room in an hotel for privatecy? JACKIE ...WHY?