Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sneaker Speakers Offer Wireless Music For Your Feet

The battery-powered Sneaker Speaker is the studio's debut product and attaches to the sneakers using adjustable straps. It can then be paired with bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones and iPads to access playlists and music libraries you are likely to have to hand while out and about.

"These futuristic alternative urban devices increase your ghetto vibe, by wearing them onto your shoes," said Kingston, formerly a product designer at Sony. "[They are] a must-have for urban artists and everyone else who believes in the inspirational power of music."

There are currently no launch details for the Sneaker Speakers and no price guides but, the inspirational power of music aside, if you do pick up a pair you're probably better off keeping them for sharing music while out and about with friends and not, say, on a crowded commuter train.

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