Wednesday, 12 December 2012

''US Immigration Inserted Chip In My Anus, I Am Constantly In Pain'' HELP!

A US based Nigerian engineer, Mr. Kunle Ajumale, 49, has asked the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) Lagos Branch to intervene in his quest to get justice over his ordeal in the hands of the United States Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE), who allegedly inserted into him what he described as ‘electronic harassment chip’ which has been deteriorating his health.
“I am constantly in pain. I have been going through a lot of torture with the device moving and causing harm in different parts of my body. I keep losing weight, feeling sharp pain on my back and continuous headache since the device was implanted’, said Ajumale who said he had even taken his case to the National Assembly seeking government’s intervention over his plight.

Speaking during the NUJ Congress at the Ladi Lawal Press Centre, Lagos, Ajumale disclosed that he travelled to the US on April 12, 1997 and obtained his green card in February 2009 and was subsequently brought back to Nigeria on February 2011 on his own request following the alleged constant harassment by the officials of the US Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) at the Fredrick Detention Centre Maryland where he was detained due to the immigration problem he had.
He however admitted that he ran foil of US Immigration law when he travelled to Nigeria with a falsified document for which he was convicted and sentenced to six months imprisonment at DC jail and Rivers Correction Centre North Carolina.
However, his ordeal commenced after he was rearrested in August 2009 for the same offence for which he had served a six year jail term.
“I was rearrested by the same officer Derrick who said they made a mistake to have released me. While in detention at Worcester Detention Centre Snow Hill Maryland an ICE Officer – William Malone told me I could be released but it was going to cost me money. I told my lawyer about it who reported it to senior ICE Officers. Investigation was carried out during which officer Michelle Rawlings interrogated me and promised to get back to me which she did. Afterwards I became the target for the officers.
“I was hospitalised  at Atlantic Hospital for sinusitis and body weakness but was discharged abruptly without adequate treatment. I was maltreated by three officers who flung me to an empty steel bed and I put in a grievance report concerning the issue”, he alleged.
Ajomale alleged that he further felt ill and reported the matter to an officer on duty seeking medical assistant, but instead, he was crushed to floor by “eight officers and my pant was opened and a chip was put in my anus. I screamed but no one could help me”.
He said several attempts to get a redress for his “sordid ordeal” in the hands of the US ICE have not yielded result, that was why he approached the press to impress it on the Nigerian government to intervene in his case, which will also go a long way in ensuring that other Nigerians are not maltreated by US security officials in future.
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