Friday, 7 December 2012

Don’t Let A Hater Stop You!

I was scanning through my mailbox yesterday, I decided to open mails from 2010 backwards and look through the content to know if any of them was still relevant or not.( It’s always advisable to do a review once in a while to create space for new mails and get rid of the junks and unwanted stuff).
During my review I stumbled on a forwarded office mails, it was a poem by Maya Angelou titled HATERS. I read through it again and just smiled because it brought back old memories. I’m not going to share the memories with you but I’m gonna drop some advice.

At some point in our lives, there will be someone or some people who will not like you (after secondary school, it stuck in my head) and you don’t have to cry or get worried about people not liking you as long as you know you haven’t done anything wrong to them. There are people who just don’t like to see good things about others, they hear about your progress or success and they scoff, hiss and make faces (who care).
They say negative words to deliberately hurt or humiliate others, and derive joy in seeing people sad. They go about spreading false news about people just to bring them down and elevate themselves. Some people just don’t want to see you happy or smiling, they look for every little wrong you’ve done in a bid to spread the news and cause you shame.
There are so many things haters do and the most painful is that they turn out to be people you least expected, people you have confided in and people you never expected to treat you with disdain. The problem is not about having haters, they will always be there but the most important thing is to rise above them.
If they create time to talk about you, it means you’re important so don’t let their false words or stories affect you. They only see the glory and the beauty on the outside; they don’t know what happened inside and what you went through to get to where you are today. Don’t give them the joy they seek by sulking, crying and feeling bad…NO…instead hit them hard with the best you have inside of you.
Determine to rise above those words by being your best, outdo your past, stay on track and keep going higher. Responding to them means reducing yourself to their low esteem and crumpled intellect, only someone with low self-esteem and confidence will want to bring others down in order to rise up, they are the only ones who want to excel at the expense of someone else’s joy. Don’t let them. So whatever you do, don’t let a hater stop you because they can’t stand you when you STAND STRONG.

Writer: :Lynda Omerekpe has a Masters in international Business & Management  and a passion for writing. Blogger, fun, lovely, loving & in love with God.

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