Thursday 6 December 2012

See Photos: The Tallest Habitable Treehouse which comes kitted with a Jacuzzi and 60-inch cinema screen.

A man has built what he claims is the tallest habitable treehouse in the UK, which comes kitted with a Jacuzzi and 60-inch cinema screen. 

Chris Walley spent seven months and £60,000 building the Treehouse Hideaway which sits 20 feet off the ground and overlooks animal enclosures at Druidstone wildlife park, near Canterbury.

The 54-year-old used scrap wood from builders' merchants and driftwood from a nearby beach to construct the home. When it came to actually building it, he chose not to use any scaffolding – he simply shimmied up and down the tree using ropes instead.

The treehouse has both plumbing and electricity, so you get all the amenities you’d expect to find in a normal home – loo, gas hob and even a dishwasher. But what really caught our eye was the romantic log burner, which sits below the giant cinema screen we mentioned earlier.

 “I said [to my wife] I wanted to build a treehouse at the top of the garden and that was it,” Walley explained. “I built it from scratch. It was a bit ambitious and I’m glad it’s over — it’s half-killed me. There are several treehouses in Britain, but none that are habitable.

“People often have to go abroad to France if they want to stay in one. We have had nothing but good responses so far.”

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