Thursday 6 December 2012

'Six babies crying... can you picture that?' New show revisits adorable sextuplets who appeared on Oprah (and how their parents are coping with the terrible twos)

A couple that gave birth to sextuplets in 2010 have become the inspirational stars of a new reality television program as they juggle marriage, working together and six demanding toddlers.

Mia and Rozonno McGhee, and their six bundles of joy, gained internet fame after Mia posted a picture on Facebook and was then asked to appear on Oprah.

Now, on Six Little McGhees, premiering December 15, the parents reveal what it's really like to bring up six children at once. Mr McGhee explains to the camera: 'Six babies crying, can you picture that?'

The McGhees' are high school sweethearts who never imagined they would give birth to Columbus, Ohio's first sextuplets. More pictures after the cut........
Beating the odds, the couple prove that with a little help, and a lot of love, anything is possible.
n a sneak peek of the OWN reality series, Mr McGhee says of their daily routine: 'A typical day for me and Mia? We wake up around 5.30am, brush our teeth, clean up, get it together.'

From sunrise to sunset, cameras document each busy day the family navigates work life and home life with six babies and a small entourage of helpers.

The couple describe their six children, saying: 'Josiah, or Jo Jo, is sneaky. He's real clever.'

While Madison, is the family 'joker and prankster'. Olivia, who they describe as a 'drama queen' is nicknamed The Princess; and Isaac 'tries to be the boss, and if your not doing something right he'll smack you,' admitted Mr McGhee.

Mia calls Rozonno Jr 'a tough old cookie,' and Elijah, who is 'big and he knows it,' the family 'bully'.

The couple also discuss the dynamic of living and working together while trying to raise six children.

After Mrs McGhee pushed her husband to start his own business, the couple have been able to financially support their family of eight with ease, but Mr McGhee says it's not always so easy.

'Let me tell you,' he says. 'Living together and going to work together is not easy at all.'

Mrs McGhee interjects, 'It's not?' before Mr McGhee responds with a smile, 'No, it's not.'

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