Thursday, 6 December 2012

Just Love God While You Wait: As A Young Single/Unmarried Lady

Just Love God While You Wait: As a young single/unmarried lady, I have seen the bad, the good, & the ugly in my few years of pre-marital relationships; not just in my life but also in the lives of people around me. 

When we meet a potential spouse, we always say/think this every time "OH MY! THIS MUST BE THE PERSON I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING or WAITING FOR!!!" Lol, but the ALL-KNOWING Match-Maker(God) sits on His Heavenly thrown & He laughs because He knows that Person is not the one for you/us! Christ also weeps because he knows some of their evil intentions towards you! He simply allows them to cross your path for reasons only Him(God) knows. 

Its even more painful when you are engaged to that person & you later discover their true evil nature just before your Wedding day! Some are cheats, some are Scammers, some are thieves, some are wolves in sheep clothing, some are liars, some are unfaithful, some are sex addicts, some are lustful, some are controlling, some are extravagant, some boast a lot, some are just not made for you, and the sad list continues.
So, the little/great advice my Mom always tells me when I meet a potential spouse is this: "please my Daughter, listen to me, I don't know who exactly your future husband is or where he is right now, but I do know the types a lady should settle for & the types a lady should not; based on Bible & based on so on. So, my child, DO NOT fully give your heart/body away to him until you are married! The reasons are many, but that's the only sure way you know who is serious to marry you. And she adds, God forbid you marry, but discover he waited just to get what he secretly wanted, do not hate yourself!, Just know that you have great honor because you were married but the evil in him could no longer hide itself!, But I pray, that's not your portion in Jesus name, Amen...." 

 So, love God while you wait for him/her and you won't regret it. To God be all the glory for the great things He has done & for the greater things He is about to do in your lives and in mine! Keep waiting, my fellow singles. I love you all, go out there & shine!"

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