Saturday, 8 December 2012

What Is Truth!

I have been told lots of rumors about spirit and demons in my whole life, I have lived around thousands of people and relate together from the bottom of the world to the top, I have felt and experience gesture of human and everything that accompanied human on this planet,From Plant, Animal,Sand,Sun,Fire and Water. None of my relative has ever come in contact with spirit or host spirit for a dinner neither do I. Vice versa biologist claimed there are millions of natural disease travels through air that cannot be seen with our naked eye except with the aid of microscope, unseen disease is yet to rip every life and Spirit is yet to possess all of us. Of course! they are all human made.

The true knowledge is to know that we know what we know,To research more on what we know and realize the benefit ,To think beyond what we had been told and to know that we do not know what we do not know.

Truthfulness is huge! Can I say how huge! To be a true human one must be truthful! Honest, sincere, not fake or a make-believe but a true individual. A seeker of truth or a student of truth. Truthfulness is so crucial to being truly human because to be truly human one must know the truth!

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