Saturday 8 December 2012

Woman From Hell: Enraged Brazilian Woman Goes Medieval On Her Cheating Husband’s Car (Video)

 Rule #1: Do not piss your wife off
Rule #2: Do not piss your Brazilian wife off
Rule #3: If you must disobey #1 and #2, please make sure your car insurance covers damage inflicted by an enraged spouse.
The videos below were taken in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, in the Vila Olímpia upper-Class neighborhood.
The woman discovered her husband was having an affair and had parked his black Honda Accord on the street where his mistress lived. Being a self respecting hot blooded woman, she pounced on the car and carried out a one woman demolition derby, destroying it with everything and anything she could lay her hands on.

No one was brave enough to intervene and save the car, including the husband who was nowhere in sight, but thankfully, enough people filmed the spectacle in all its jaw dropping glory… Enjoy…

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