Thursday 6 December 2012

The Types Of Women You Should Not Marry

Make sure you don't marry any woman until you see the EVIL in the woman ..Prov 27:12...a prudent man sees evil ahead & hides himself.....I know while dating, you are literally walking and haven't seen anything yet bad...You have only seen her thighs, hips, the buttock, breast & you moving with energy and excitement and you haven't seen anything evil ? Then you haven't seen well! You want to marry someone and you haven't yet seen anything bad about the person before Then its an ANGEL that you've seen ?

I beg una oooo, you must be well prepared to have known what to expect from the person you decide to marry.. Because of the genuine love you have for her and sincerely want to marry her you need to Ask the person's sister If your woman to be quarrels ? If she cooks ? Note how often she has her she many people she doesn't talk to ? etc...

Remember the bible says 'to the hungry man every bitter thing is sweet...Brothers..Do not let her beauty masquerade the reality behind...Sometimes the most beautiful ladies are very good at camouflaging, cat-walking but are the most terrible women on bed....NO sexual good experience, they just lay like a log of wood. Most beautiful ladies hide their stubbornness with their outward beauty. But when you go close.....its an earthquake!

Make sure you don't marry a JEALOUS woman...prov 27:4 is a severe warning !!! Infact an ANGRY woman is better than a JEALOUS woman.

Make sure you don't marry a woman who does not show her love, no expression, can't speak her mind....Better is OPEN REBUKE than love which is concealed.

listen, Women even me can not always be too good especially those who always can a normal person always smile?

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