Sunday, 16 March 2014

Actress Biola Ige Say's She Got Intimate With Muna Behind The Camera Not In Front That Leaked Pics Was Photoshop

That movie came out two years ago, and, at that time, I was still battling with the thyroid I had .There was a defect in my eyes too.One of my eyes was bigger than the other .I will just like people to go and watch the movie and let me know their opinions and what they think of the movie.

How did that picture come about, because both of you were pictured smooching?

All I know is that there was nothing like that, nobody in his right senses will do that in front of the cameras .I just want people to go and watch the movie ‘Pregnant Hawkers’ and if they see something like that in the movie, then, they can judge me and label me anything they wish.

So, are you saying the picture is a product of photoshop or what?

Yes, that is what I think it is, because what I know is that, I shot that movie two years ago, and I and Muna didn’t do anything like that. It must have been photoshopped.

What part did you play in the movie ‘Pregnant Hawkers’?

My character was that of a poor girl who grew up in the slum. She hawks for a living and had to make ends meet by sleeping with men and then she finally got this rich man (Muna) sleeping with her and she was getting money from him in order to take care of her family.

Take Note of the highlighted text above...Actually, what I think she should have done is just be quiet about the whole thing cos everything said above is just shedding more light on where the act actually occurred... 

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