Tuesday, 18 March 2014

PHOTO: Pretty Lady Post Unclad Photos Of Herself On Facebook Asking Men To Come And Get Intimate With Her.

Below is what s*x desperate CECILE wrote on her facebook wall
Any broke handsome dude around nairobi who wants to make some few cash this Friday night for just making me scream all night long at my must be ready for an H:V-test coz I want it raw & dry no c*ndoms. Its been long since I got f****d!! oh my I am so h*rny even wet now
- Cecile Chikitta

Na Wa Oooh What Is This World Turning Into?

Meanwhile, as we were saying, Just like the facebook account of the runs girl who wants the world to know what kind of business she is into by posting a video of herself bathing and doing herself fully N*ked which was posted HERE yesterday, (If you missed that, Read about it and watch video HERE) was deactivated, facebook has also done same to this s*x desperate chick's account.

Obviously, anyone could have reported her account or facebook must have sensed an abnormal amount of traffic to this babes account and took it down.

Moreover, just like you all know, Facebook's policies do not allow n*de content on their site

Below is the lady's account ID with pictures we could get before facebook took it down...Sorry we were too slow *lol*

- See more at:

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