Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Shakira Looks Dangerously Sexy in These Photos - Madly In Love, But She Won't Get Married

Stop everything and take a look at one of the sexiest women on earth. Shakira reminds us all (not that we need a reminder) just how perfect she is in these amazing promotional photos for her new album, Shakira, available March 25. 
If Shakira fans hope the bridal photos from her "Empire" video shoot have anything to do with the possibility of her getting married to Gerard Piqué, their dreams might be crushed. In an interview with Primer Impactothe 37-year-old superstar reveals that she is not thinking about marriage at the moment. Shak says she and Piqué — the father of her son Milan and boyfriend of nearly four years — are very happy. "When you feel complete you don't need to get married, and you don't think about it. Whatever, he is mine now," she says. 

It's clear the couple is madly in love. Shakira recently told The Sun that she can't even explain how much she loves her soccer player boyfriend. “I’ve written many love songs for Gerard. But it’s never enough," she says. "I feel that he deserves a million love songs written for him.”

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