Sunday, 16 March 2014


Popular Fuji star Saheed Osupa has issued a statement concerning his fight with Mosebolatan boss, Waheed Oyediran who is also the president Music Advertisement Association of Nigeria (MAAN) that purportedly placed a ban on his albums a week ago. In an email from the Fuji star made available to ENCOMIUM Weekly, Saheed Osupa alleged that Mosebolatan boss Waheed Oyediran alongside other musicians are plotting to puncture his steady progress in his music career.
According to Osupa, “Initially, when the crisis in the industry was brewing, people called me several names and said I like trouble. Because they didn’t know the real reasons I was fighting. They said I was being troublesome, many of the artistes ganged-up against me. When they realized that I was having upper hand, they said we should stop the fight and make peace. The reason they chose to resolve the differences between Fuji musicians was because I was doing more shows, I was having more “Live Show CD’s in the market which were always sold out.

“Their believe was that my albums were making-waves because we were abusing ourselves. So they felt if we should settle the fight, my album sales will drop. So, we were all invited to Ikeja Airport Hotel, Lagos for a peace meeting. Pasuma opined that all the Live Shows CD should be banned and I said no. Reason being that, the live shows are what has been giving us relevance just like our hip-hop counterparts because we barely put our videos on TV and people now watch us more buying the videos or even watching it at the road side. They all refused to accept my opinion and said it has to be banned.
“After a long argument, they looked into the matter properly and our conclusion was we will be releasing two CD’s of live shows every 2 months, while we can only release two albums in one year. They also said we shouldn’t abuse ourselves and anyone who violates the rules will be banned.
“Two months after the meeting, Pasuma started abusing me. I didn’t say anything. I kept doing my work because I realized that the people who made the laws are on his side. In 2012, Pasuma released three albums, they didn’t say anything. So when I did mine, they now banned it and when I complained, they said it’s the decision of the association. We tried to resolve it, they said the marketer of the albums should beg them and after he did, they lifted the ban.
“The man behind all this is the President of Music Advertisers Association of Nigeria (MAAN), Mosebolatan. I heard he is hell bent on killing my career. The same man who was one of the people who said we should stop using provocative titles for our works called Pasuma to do a job for him in Ajegunle which is my base and he titled it Pasuma Takes Over Ajegunle. After they released theirs, I did a job entitled ‘Take Over Impossible’, the Mosebolatan man banned it. I now sat down to think about it, because it is obvious that they are playing politics in order to favour their artiste.
“When I did my investigations, I found out that Mosebolatan is doing everything possible to bring down my career. I have informed my Lawyer, and my Lawyer advised we write him a letter to warn him to desist from the witch hunting act.
“When he got the letter, he went to tell his people that I am taking MAAN to court that they should ban me. Before I know it, he has been sending text messages to people that I have been banned. Even if they want to ban me, they have to follow due process. You can’t just wake up and say, they should ban me.
“I wasn’t planning to sue them but with the way it is, I will take them to Federal High Court. I have informed the Human Rights President about it. Also, I am suing Mosebolatan himself. I can’t sit down watch him ruin my career. He can’t even kill my career because God gave me the talent.”
On the other hand Mosebolatan camp has said they have no official comment for now. Presently the musical marketers’ body has placed a ban on selling Saheed Osupa’s albums and live CDs in record stores nationwide.
Credit: Encomium.

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  1. this is Rubbish....Ban is not the next thing,....we will see who will suffer the Ban more...........cos the musician collected money b4 going to show they spend them anothe money again....they already make money on their own...........and for MAAN if they start to send their kids for school fees they will sell it by fire by force.....cos if its small profit they make from his better than nothing...........i swear i saw MAAN member who make money from his cd titled Aokoro Alate...the guy buy motor from this cd only.