Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lady Rejects Guy 'cos He's 'Poor Only To Later Discover He's Actually Very Rich! Read Ada's Story

Ada Okeke shared her true life story online..
My people, I need your advice... I am the one involved!

My cousin (male) came home last Christmas looking for a wife, I told him about my girlfriend and we agreed to invite her over so that he can see her.... At last he liked her, collected her phone number from me, though I told her before doing that... But here is the deal between me and him, he made it clear to me never to disclose what he does for a living to her now, but rather I should tell her he is a security man living in Mushin... ( note: he is a rich business man but he is afraid to disclose his identity now, because according to him, he is looking for a lady that will love him for whom he is and not for what he is)...
They met, he told her the same thing, .. After everything she came to me to know whether it's
true, I told her yes... But she should give him a chance, and try to know him very well, ... ..
My girlfriend told me she is not interested, not ready for marriage yet, I tried all my best to convince her but to no avail, I let go!

Later he found another lady, paid her bride price last February, they are planning for their traditional marriage soon..

Now, I don't know how my girlfriend ran into him and discovered he is a rich business guy.. She called me yesterday afternoon and gave me the insult of my life.. Her reason is that I shouldn't have lied to her in the first place, knowing fully well we are friends.. . that a friend is not supposed to lie to a friend... Her sisters called me and told me the same thing.. .. But when I tried to explain things, they hung the phone on me..

I am planning to go over to their place today to explain things to her sisters and apologise too, but my own sisters are still with the opinion that I did nothing wrong.. What do you think? Did I do the right or the wrong thing?

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  1. yes you did the right thing here. Way to many women out there who just want someone to pay for them for everything even though they don't love the person. If she was a nice honest person she should of got to know the guy and would of eventually liked him and would of got the bonus of him being rich. Serves her right for been a money grabbing whore!!!