Tuesday, 18 March 2014

DEVILS IN HUMAN SKIN: Five Men Rape 17-year-old Girl And Post Pictures On Internet

Five young men are currently in trouble in Lokoja, the capital of Kogi State. Their crime? They allegedly gang-raped a 17-year-old Senior Secondary 3 girl and posted pictures of the criminal act on the Internet
According to Daily Sun investigations, the boys, sometime in February this year, accosted the innocent girl, Ezema Ginika, in Ankpa when she was returning from an errand. She was allegedly hit with a ring suspected to have been charmed. She immediately fell unconscious, it was learnt.
The boys then took her to an uncompleted building where they turned her to a sex machine. Besides raping her in turns, two of the suspects also took photographs of the act.
The pictures were later circulated to friends through the internet while some were printed and circulated in the town

While parading the suspects before journalists, the state police commissioner, Seidu Madawaki said immediately the girl became unconscious, the suspects collected her handsets, tore her underwear and took her to an uncompleted building where they satisfied their lust one after the other.
The police boss gave the names of the suspects as Musa Bala, Uchenna Chiaghanam, Farouk Edeh (now at large) Jemilu Wada ( now at large) and one other person. He lamented that the boys had engaged in a most odious act, wondering how the suspects would feel if such thing was done to their daughters or sisters.
He said the world had, in the name of civilization, been turned upside down, noting that the suspects would certainly not go unpunished. He vowed that the long arm of the law would soon catch the fleeing suspects.
Speaking with Daily Sun, the leader of the gang, Musa Bala who confessed that he actually initiated the act, said he got the talisman ring from a juju man in the village, saying he merely wanted to test the potency of the charm.
“I have been admiring this girl for a long time, and when I approached her to be my lover, she turned me down, saying she could not befriend an Igala boy, I left her in annoyance and vowed that I must do all I could to get her.
“So, when I saw her passing, I said, this opportunity must not pass me by. Then I went to gather my friends and blocked her near one mango tree. I called her name and said today I must have sex with you.
“But I want to tell you that it was only three of us that actually had sex with her. The other two were busy filming us and taking our pictures,” he added.
Narrating her ordeal to Daily Sun, the victim said Bala had been disturbing her since last year. She said the boy, at a point, even threatened to beat her if she would not succumb to his amorous moves which made her to report him to one his relations.
“On this particular day, my father sent me on an errand and while I was coming back, I did not know that these boys were trailing me. They just accosted me in a corner and started saying some funny, funny things.
“When I sensed that I was in an unprotected area, I wanted to run away, but Bala overpowered me and hit me 

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