Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Emeka Ike Dumps German Wife, Splits Their Kids And Runs Off To Abuja

Emeka Ike is in the News again and this time it doesn't have to do with his school but his wife, Emma and four kids, Michael,  Kelly,  Jason  and Andrea - family.
This is coming in weeks after he was sent packing by his landlord after owing him house rent for over three years.

 Reports indicate that Emeka Ike took  two of the kids with him to Abuja while the wife is left with the other two in Lagos.
"To say she and her two kids are going through hell is an understatement. I am pained that he would subject her to such a degrading level of existence and go free.There have been allegations also that there is a lot of spousal abuse going on but I cannot out-rightly say that because the woman has not come out herself to cry out. It is a pity that some men are babies and use children as scape goats to carry out revenge against their spouses…hisses!" she wrote.
 Oh well...Emeka Ike! 

Culled From: Stelladimokokorkus

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