Tuesday 11 October 2016

Coffin Birth : Dead Women Gives Birth In A Coffin

coffin birth after being lowered
Sure there are so many things in medical terms which sound quite mind stimulating. But there are things that even medical science fails to explain. Such is the story of a coffin birth which is nothing short of a miracle to speak. This incident actually happened in Toronto.

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Just  23 hours after the Coffin of a dead women was buried underneath her grave, the dead body successfully gave birth to a normal 5 pound baby. And if it does surprise you, you might seek an answer from a physician. Is it even possible ?? In the words of the doctor who declared the woman dead “I’ve been a doctor for 22 years and if this isn’t a miracle and a medical first, I don’t know what is,” The woman met with a car accident after which she had incurred massive head and chest injuries in an incident in Toronto.

grave coffin birth
mother grave dead

The Miracle Of Coffin Birth

Also the authorities were quoted as adding “There is no possible way for this baby girl to have survived the automobile accident that killed its mother, much less cling to life for 23 hours without food and oxygen from her blood supply.” They also exclaimed in surprise “But as God is my witness the baby did survive – and there’s not a doctor in the world who can explain it.” The sad part about the whole incident is that, this woman was about to give birth to her child and she was on her way to the hospital in the car before this happened. Unfortunately she lost control of her car, and that incident ended up in a car crash. A medical newsletter had also claimed that the dead woman was only 7 and a half months pregnant at the time of the accident.

Orphaned-before coffin birth
Orphaned Baby Incubator

This was an unexpected thing as the doctor at the emergency room had declared both the woman and the unborn baby as dead. This was after the physicians’s repeated attempt to save the life of both the mother and the baby in the womb. At that point in time their attempts to revive both of them badly failed. After that the injured dead body was kept in the morgue cooler and kept there for 17 hours. 20 hours after the incident the naked corpse covered in shroud was laid in the coffin.

coffin birth after being lowered
coffin laid mother

But luckily enough 3 hours later when the cemetery workers were lowering the coffin into the grave, they heard the cries of a newly born baby. After that an ambulance rushed the little baby girl to the hospital. The miracle baby was a premature born (by about 1 and a half months). The little girl was hungry premature and dehydrated. But somehow due to the god’s will the child of dead woman survived. The baby girl was kept in an incubator after the coffin birth for about 4 months until she became healthy. Just to protect the privacy of the family, the names of the woman, her child and her family details were kept under the wraps by the newsletter.

grave coffin birth
mother’s grave

It is strange how an unborn girl child can survive being in a dead body for 23 hours and come to life after a coffin birth. We can truly say that nobody can question God’s intentions, not even science ! It did save her life but it breaks our heart to know about this baby girl who was orphaned in her mother’s dead body before she was even born.
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