Saturday 15 October 2016

Rahama Sadau (Priyanka) Rising Profile - “How Ali Nuhu Discovered Me”

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A new Actress but fast becoming an icon in the hausa Film Industry.
She Hails from Kaduna State, and she is a holder of Diploma in Business Administration in Kadpoly.
She use to be a Dancer,
thats why she always like to dance much in her movies.
Some people call her Priyanka becouse of the love she has for Priyanka Chopra.
Her Debute movie was Gani Ga Wane wich she was given a leadin Role, a rare stuff for new stars to be given a lead role.

This are some of the movies she featured in

Da Kai Zan Gana   
Farin Dare
Mati da Lado   
Gani Ga Wane   
Mai Farin Jini
Jinin Jikina
Sabuwar Sangaya
Wata Tafiya   
Sirrin Da Ke Raina
Wasu Mazan

Best Upcoming Actress - City People Awards 2014
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The very humble and beautiful fast-rising actress granted this interview in 2014 on her career and how multiple award-winning actor, Ali Nuhu discovered and made her a known face.

Tell us about yourself? My name is Rahama Ibrahim Sadau, I am popularly known as Rahama Priyanka. I was born and bred in Kaduna.

What is the name Priyanka all about? It was due to my love for bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra. Every one around me knows I love Priyanka Chopra, so they prefer to call me Rahama Priyanka and the name stuck.

How did acting start for you? Acting has been my dream for a very long time but I did not have the opportunity until I met Ali Nuhu and he helped nurture me. On the 18 June 2013 was the day I took my first step into acting and I was lucky I played a lead role alongside my mentor, Ali Nuhu.
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How many movies have you done? I have acted in over 36 movies, most which I play the lead role.

In a short time, you became one of the hottest new actresses, what is responsible for that? Well, I thank Almighty Allah and I am very grateful to Ali Nuhu. He found me, trained and put me through. I am privileged to be among the many others that are under him. I try to follow his footsteps.

What do you find great about Ali Nuhu? Ali is everything the industry stands for. Despite being a big actor, he is friendly, humble and love to give the new actors and actresses a chance to grow.

Do you intend to join Nollywood like your mentor, Ali Nuhu? Yes, I will love to join Nollywood in future.

Does that mean you can play all the romantic roles that comes with Nollywood? Laughs… yes but the only thing I can’t do is to act nude.

What do you intend to achieve as an actress? Success, because it is what I love doing and to quench my thirst for acting.

How long do you intend to remain in the profession? For a long time.

Don’t you have marriage plans? I am just 21.

Due to culture and religion, 21 years is the right age for marriage in the north? Yes, but I am not ready now, I love my career so much.

How do you cope with male admirers? Some are fans, friends and some are admirers. I politely tell the admirers off. I don’t want to merge my career with love to avoid controversies.

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