Friday 14 October 2016

The Moment Angry 7ft Tall 29st Gorilla Kumbuka Smashed Window Of 'Cracked' Enclosure At London Zoo

Image result for EXCLUSIVE: The moment angry 7ft tall 29st gorilla Kumbuka SMASHED window of 'cracked' enclosure at London Zoo -
This is the terrifying moment an angry 29-stone gorilla escaped from an enclosure at London Zoo after crowds were warned about taunting him – as it was revealed the glass casing may have been cracked before the primate escaped.
Eighteen-year-old male silverback Kumbuka charged at the glass and managed to successfully break it before escaping the enclosure and roaming the north London attraction for a horrifying 90 minutes.

Eyewitnesses told MailOnline they were warned not to look the seven-foot tall gorilla in the eye for fear of agitating him - just minutes before he launched the audacious bid to free himself yesterday afternoon.
Despite the warnings, some visitors were heard shouting at Kumbuka and 'egging him on' in the seconds before he charged – in scenes described as 'like something out of Jurassic Park'.
Armed police and a force helicopter were scrambled to the scene and officers – wielding semi-automatic guns – desperately tried to track him down while visitors were locked away for their own safety. 

Members of the public were ordered to retreat to safety and were in lockdown in sites across the zoo – with many posting pictures from inside a butterfly enclosure and a canteen area.
Kumbuka was later traced by police and zoo staff and tranquilised by vets. He is now said to be 'awake and well' in his enclosure and the zoo will reopen today as normal.

A spokesman for London Zoo this morning said Kumbuka was treated by keepers overnight who stayed to observe him. The zoo said he has returned to the main enclosure and an investigation was 'ongoing'.
However, despite the incident being resolved without harm to any visitors or animals, concerns have been raised about the safety of the gorilla enclosure.
It has since emerged that zoo visitors had previously warned of damage to the perimeter glass of the enclosure in the weeks prior to the incident.

Chris Draper, Associate Director for Animal Welfare and Care at the Born Free Foundation charity, said: 'While we are relieved that this incident apparently ended without injury to visitors or to the gorilla, it is yet another startling reminder of the risks associated with maintaining dangerous wild animals in captivity. 
'This incident could have ended very differently. We are calling for an urgent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding this escape, and into safety procedures at London Zoo.'
Veterinary student Chloe Hughes was on her first visit to London Zoo when she filmed Kumbuka charge towards her.

The 23-year-old student, from Surrey, told MailOnline: 'I was standing near the front [of the enclosure]. We were in there for a long time. The silverback was distressed. He was looking at everyone.
Mr Barker posted a photograph of Kumbuka shortly before this afternoon's dramatic escape

He seemed to stare at one spot for a while. People were screaming and egging him on. Then he jumped onto the rope and smashed against the glass. It was very scary 
Witness Chloe Hughes
'Staff asked everyone to be quiet. We were at the front and they asked us to get out. They came to the front with their arms out.

'He seemed to stare at one spot for a while. People were screaming and egging him on.
'Then he jumped onto the rope and smashed against the glass. It was very scary.
'After that happened, we all screamed.' 
John Davis, 56, who visited Gorilla Kingdom with his two-year-old son Eden, told the 

Evening Standard: 'I go there pretty much every day and know the gorillas well. Most of the time the big one just sits and stares but yesterday he was looking really angry.
'People were banging on the glass and taking pictures using their flashes. Then he lurched towards us and smashed against the glass. My little one was so scared he ran away in tears.'

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