Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Black Nurse Under Investigation For Racist Tweets

Taiyesha Baker

A troubled nurse angered many on social media by tweeting a racist post denouncing white women for breeding sons.
On Friday, Taiyesha F. Baker, who apparently works at a children’s hospital, tweeted, “Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son.”
It should be noted that former President Barack Obama was raised by his white mother.

Taiyesha Baker
Baker’s now-deleted tweet was posted under the Twitter handle “Night Nurse” and the username @tai_fieri, which she quickly changed to @toot_fieri before deleting her Twitter account on Saturday.
Someone else is now posting under the resurrected @tai_fieri username.
Baker deleted her entire social media footprint after Internet sleuths doxxed her by publishing her real name and place of employment.
Angry online sleuths discovered Baker was a licensed registered nurse working the night shift at Riley Children’s Health, which is run by Indiana University Health system.
Hospitals usually schedule their problem nurses to work the night shift where they are least likely to cause trouble.
Outraged Facebook users descended on the university’s Facebook page to notify hospital officials about the racist nurse’s tweets.
A university spokesperson said the HR department was well aware of Baker’s antisocial posts, and she no longer had access to young patients while she is under investigation.
Taiyesha Baker
A man who answered the phone at Riley Children’s Health on Sunday sounded annoyed when a blogger asked him if Baker was still employed there.
“Ma’am, I don’t know,” he said warily. “You need to call back Monday.”
Baker apparently worked at the hospital for less than a month.
The Indiana Board of Nursing website shows a Taiyesha F. Baker licensed as a registered nurse on Oct. 30, 2017.
Internet sleuths trawled the Internet and located a 2015 post the young nursing student submitted to a travel blog describing her journeys to far-flung, mostly white places.
One biracial commentator wrote:
“White people are supposedly so dangerous yet she deliberately chooses to head to countries with predominantly white populations… It amazes me when blacks act as if racism against whites don’t exist when they come out advocating violence to whites just for being white.”
This latest incident highlights the problems surrounding personal cell phones in healthcare work settings.
In an earlier incident that received widespread news coverage, two military nurses were reprimanded for taking videos and images of black babies dancing to rap music.

Taiyesha Baker


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