Wednesday, 29 November 2017

White Man Who Asked Black Friend To Impregnate His Wife To ‘Fight White Privilege’ Is Fake News

fake news

A story making the rounds on social media about a white man asking his black friend to impregnate his wife is a hoax.

The story claims a white man asked his black friend to impregnate his wife in order to help fight white privilege.

Hoax News says the story originated on fake news site The World News Daily.

via Hoax News — The news was supposedly reported on by KATU ABC 2 but a search for Peyton Wesley or Tyrone DeAndre on their website reveals exactly zero relevant results (the Tyrone DeAndre search returns one result, an article mentioning a “Javon Tyrone Johnson” and a “Royal Deandre Allen” who have nothing to do with this story.

The photo used with the story is actually from a 2013 news story about an African-American soldier whose estranged wife gave away their newborn baby for adoption while he was away for work. The baby was adopted by a (white) couple and only after a long court case the little girl was returned to her own father.

The photo of “cement manufacturer worker Tyrone DeAndre” is actually a screenshot from an interview with activist Brandon Frame:

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