Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Remarkable Image Of The Actress Meghan Markle Playfully Poses Like Any Other Tourist Outside Buckingham Palace During Summer Tour of Europe Aged 15 Back In 1996

 A 15-year-old Meghan Markle poses in front of Buckingham Palace, with friend Ninaki Priddy, during a European trip in 1996
Posing outside Buckingham Palace, as millions of foreign tourists have done over the years, little could Miss Markle know that 21 years later she would be engaged to a member of the Royal family. The remarkable image, taken during a European summer trip in 1996 with her friend Ninaki Priddy, has emerged the day after her engagement to Prince Harry was celebrated around the world.And while the love story between the American divorcee and the fifth-in-line to the British throne has surprised and delighted royal watchers around the world, one person saw it coming – and has warned Prince Harry to be cautious. I’m not shocked at all', said Ms Priddy. 'It’s like she has been planning this all her life.'

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