Monday 10 December 2012

£30,000 worth of damage to family home after around 200 teenagers gatecrashed a schoolgirl's party after she advertised it on Facebook.

The astonishing scenes of carnage included foul language scrawled on walls, smashed furniture and doors ripped off their hinges after the hordes of youngsters descended on the three-bedroom home in Billericay, Essex.

Mother Esther Hine, 56, was at the party, which was thrown by her 14-year-old daughter Sarah, and struggled in vain to keep it under control.

More Pictures of the damaged house after the cut....

She said: 'There must be £20,000 to £30,000 damage but insurance won't pay out because we invited them in.
'I told the parents I would be here to keep an eye out for trouble.'
The wild partygoers even managed to punch a huge hole in the ceiling and throw a piano from a window at the front of the house.

The family's bedrooms were ripped to pieces, as furniture was pulled apart and thrown about the room and walls were daubed with vulgar sexual messages.
Partygoers continued to spread the word about the Friday night party on social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter, even as it spiralled out of control.
Terrified and angry neighbours called the police, who arrived around 9pm to disperse the unruly crowd.

Police reported no injuries to partygoers at the gathering, which had been planned by Sarah as an early birthday celebration ahead of her birthday in the New Year.
Mrs Hine condemned the mindless destruction to her family home.

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