Wednesday 5 December 2012

34-year-old Man Dies Of Long-Term Erection After Having Sex With Married Woman

A 34-year-old man died while receiving treatment from a local traditional healer after his manhood allegedly remained up after sleeping with a married woman.
The man has been identified as Shelton Dinganga of Zaranyika Road, Mambo.
According to neighbours, the matter which had been kept as a family secret by the man’s relatives occurred last week. The neighbours said they were shocked when they were only informed about Dinganga’s death and not his illness. They said Dinganga had sex with a relative’s wife and his sexual organ remained erect while his other private parts became swollen.

“Dinganga had suddenly disappeared from public life after coming back from Kwekwe where he had visited one of the family relatives whom he was said to be flirting with. We were shocked when his family members later informed us of his death and burial arrangements on Tuesday morning,” a neighbour told the local press.
The neighbour said it was during Dinganga’s burial at Mkoba Cemetery on Wednesday last week when mourners later got the shocking news that he died when his séxual organ remained erect after having séx with a female relative in Kwekwe.
When our news crew visited the house yesterday, Dinganga’s aunt, Ms Janet Gama confirmed the death.
She, however, refused to shed light on the causes of his death.
“Why do you want to know what caused the death of our relative? Yes he died at home and he had declined to be taken to the hospital but to then narrate the whole issue about Dinganga’s illness and subsequent passing away will not bring his life back,” said Ms Gama.

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