Tuesday 4 December 2012

Lagos Big Babes Now Go For New Method Bleaching

In the last one year, skin bleaching has become a common trend among Nigerian young Ladies as virtually all babes crave for a spotless and light skin, hence they adopt a lot of methods through which they achieve their desired complexion.

 Initially it was the use of various skin lightening creams, pills and injections but as time went by, new methods of skin bleaching emerged. In fact, it is fast becoming trendy to have a light skin as most ladies now see it as fashionable.

 Many ladies who undergo skin bleaching either go from dark skin to white skin or from chocolate complexion to glowing yellow complexion. It is so professionally done without living any traces of the old color.

 One of the reasons they bleach their skin is that they believe it enhances their beauty and makes them more attractive to men.

 Right now, a new method of skin lightening has become the most sought-after. It is the use of magic milk called Kamana (Egyptian milk).

 In the past years, many women use toning creams to brighten or maintain the skin complexion in some cases to make the skin glow. But today, an average young lady who wants to get a very fairer skin would bleach the entire skin.

 The most common method was the use of strong toning creams with chemical/substances like hydroquinone, steroids & mercury which have shown to be effective in skin lightening.

 Creams with hydroquinone is a strong inhibitor of melanine production, the substance that is responsible for dark skin color. It’s been banned in many countries because of its risk of causing skin cancer.

 Many babes who now want to get a very white skin go for Egyptian Milk otherwise known as Kamana Egyptian milk which is more active than the hydroquinone or steroids products.

 Another components also used by Naija babes to lighten their skin include, Glutanova, like Taitionil, Saluta, Germed and others. But Glutanova injections are commonly used because it gives a whiter skin while removing all kinds of blemishes like scars and pigmentation.

 It is an antioxidant and also comes in pills too. It is usually used to treat toxidity, acne, cancer, and hyrendysfunction. But it’s more popular for its skin whitening property. It is taken twice a week or once in 3 days.

It also has its adverse effect like nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Kamana Egyptian Milk lotion has been adopted lately for skin whitening and it’s very effective such that it records a very positive result within a short period of 2 to 3 months.

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