Sunday, 9 December 2012

My Confessions..

I confess that ''My left brain - Intellectual Intelligence (IQ) and My right brain - Emotion Intelligence (EQ) is minimally bothering to me as compared to My WHOLE brain - Spiritual Intelligence (SQ). 

I confess that ''I know IQ & EQ doesn't make a man complete.

Spiritual intelligence is an advanced dimension of intelligence with enormous personal and social benefits. SQ is experienced in the form of wisdom, compassion, integrity, joy, love, creativity, and peace.

With SQ, you feel greater fulfilment, find deeper meaning and purpose,you turn negative into positive thoughts & emotions, you employ your full resources and be your best in any situation, you are characterised of wisdom • compassion • integrity • joy • love • creativity and peace. You then, can help others and improve the society by using a higher dimension of your intelligence.

''By tapping into your full capabilities, spiritual intelligence increases personal fulfilment, improves your performance, and motivates altruism and social responsibility. When SQ is exercised on a community-wide scale, new norms are created and society is thus transformed, as governments are repurposed and corporations are reformed, according to spiritually intelligent principles. SQ therefore results in cooperation, tolerance, and peace between people at the individual level, and also between different groups in society, and between different cultures and nations. Consequently, spiritual intelligence represents the necessary and sufficient means of individual and collective transformation.''

only GOD grants SQ.

Ayo Ajayi (The Head of a Critic)

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