Sunday, 9 December 2012

34 Year Old Grandmother On The Run With Her Boyfriend After Her 17 Month Old Grandson Ingests Cocaine.

Why certain people breed, is a complete mystery to me.
An irresponsible grandmother and her 22 year old live in lover are currently on the run after the woman’s 17 month old grandson who had been in her house, was taken to the hospital by his mother (who is 17 years old) and was found to have somehow ingested the illicit and illegal drug – cocaine.

Police issued warrants charging the pair of 34 year old Ebony Daniel and her boyfriend, 22 year old Charlie Mann, with possession of cocaine, cruelty to children and reckless conduct.
While it is unclear how much of the drug the baby ingested, he was treated at the Children’s Healthcare center of Atlanta and has since been released. Ongoing toxicology tests will reveal how much cocaine was found in the baby.
Police continue to hunt for the grandmother and her boyfriend.
I really and truly have no words.

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