Sunday 9 December 2012

Documentary To Be Made Featuring Obama’s Alcoholic, Drug Addicted Younger Half Brother.

I guess it’s that time of the year when the mudslinging and low down dirty tactics start to gain momentum – all in the guise of campaigning.
Directed by the production team behind Schindler’s list, the documentary entitled ’2016′ lays out the supposed horrors that await America if Obama is given another 4 years in the Oval office.
Appearing in this documentary will be George Hussein Obama – Barack Obama’s younger half brother who currently resides in Huruma – a notorious drug, violence and alcohol ridden shanty in Nairobi, Kenya.
George was born to the Senior Obama’s fourth wife; and has only met President Obama twice – the first time while he was still in primary school and Barack came to visit shortly after their father died and the second time when Barack Obama as Senator visited Kenya in 2006.

While George has struggled in the past with cocaine and heroin addiction (addicted at 17, he became an armed robber to support his habit) he claims he is currently not using but is addicted to and spends his waking moments drinking what locals call Chang’aa — a spirit distilled with maize and spiked with embalming fluid, ethanol and battery acid. Regular users of this stuff suffer liver and kidney failure, as well as mental impairment known as ‘wet brain’.
On the flip side, just like his famous brother, George has also written a memoir, called Homeland which was published in 2012.
In it, he details how he turned his back on a middle-class Kenyan upbringing to live among the desperately poor in Nairobi’s infamous slums.
What might be closer to the truth is after spending his book advance of about $96,000 on drink, drugs and women, he could not afford basic amenities for himself and was given the shack in Huruma out of charity.
It is not clear what the motive for including Obama’s troubled younger brother is – surely he can’t be blamed for his brother’s choices?
The documentary is apparently being sponsored by a critic of Obama (obviously)

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