Monday 3 December 2012

Arabambi latest: No way for Pasuma’s Kolokolo (The Fox) Album - Ridicules K1 K1

ATTEMPT by Pasuma to hit back at K1 in his next album has met a brickwall in the warning the national president of FUMAN (Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria), Alhaji Saka Orobo, has given all members of the association. K1 and Pasuma are members of the association.

Pasuma is said to have completed working on a song entitled “Kolokolo” (The Fox). In the song, he allegedly used foul language on K1 over their fallout on the Arabambi/Oganla title tussle.
In the effort to prevent “Kolokolo’s” release into the market, FUMAN has called Pasuma’s attention to the understanding he signed with the body two years ago and equally warned him to stop such a plan “if truly he is set to do so”, says Iyanda Composer, the General-Secretary of FUMAN.
He asserted that “Paso was signatory to the MoU signed by many fuji musicians sometime in 2010 that forbids FUMAN members from singing abusive songs, using derogatory languages, against one another.”
Among other things, the artistes collcetively agreed to ensure that peace and unity reigned in FUMAN and among its members, just as they promised to forgive one another over any issue. “They also promised to settle all grieviances amicably”, he added.
At that meeting were the presidents of MIOHAN, MAAN, NARI and label owners, among others.
Saheed Osupa, Muri Thunder, Taye Currency, Safejo Amama, Atawewe, Alao Malaika and the late Sunny T, among others.
“I don’t believe Pasuma will release any album that will disrespect K1 just because he wants to sell it. I still say that he has no intention of releasing any album titled “Kolokolo”, even if he truly abused K1 in the album,” insists Composer, adding that  if Paso had done so, he should not expect to be exempted from punishment. “No matter how big you are, even the president, no one will be spared. You can be sure that Paso will be punished if he abuses K1 in his proposed album. The association will act immediately this album is found to be abusive once it is released.”
Mr. Afolabi, Pasuma’s publicist, said his artiste is not fighting with K1, so the argument is baseless.
“It is not true that his next album ridicules K1. He has said it many times that he’s still cool with K1. Also, it is not true  that his dumping the Arabambi title for Oganla is to improve the sales of the album he plans to release.”

Source: Nigerian Tribune

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