Tuesday 17 January 2017

Breaking News: Gambia’s Justice Minister Flees Country!

Gambia’s Justice Minister Mama Singhateh, has reportedly fled the country, the Freedom Newspaper has gathered. Justice Minister Singhateh, is believed to have fled to neighboring Senegal. She has joined the list of Jammeh cabinet Ministers on the run.
Ms. Singhateh’s whereabouts became an issue on Monday, afternoon after reports emerged that one of the police intervention officers (PIU) assigned to her has deserted the force. The police command were notified about the officer’s alleged absconding. This was before midday. Ms. Singhateh, later followed suit. She was reportedly smuggled out of the country by third party intelligence operatives.

The Freedom Newspaper gathered that Mama’s absconding shocked dictator Jammeh. Jammeh couldn’t believe that Ms. Singhateh, has abandoned him hours before the expiration of his five-year term as President of The Gambia.
The majority of the Ministers serving the Jammeh regime have either resigned or fled the country ahead of President elect’s Barrow’s inauguration scheduled for Thursday. Sources in the know intimated Mr. Jammeh is likely going to lead a government without a cabinet.

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