Wednesday 18 January 2017

Gambia’s Parliament Extend Jammeh’s Mandate For Another Three Months!

As the deadline for the expiration of the mandate of the Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, gets closer, members of the National Assembly today, extended Jammeh’s term for another three months. The term of the National Assembly was also extended for three months. Both terms were due to expire on Wednesday at midnight Gambian time.

Ruling APRC MPS voter massively voted for the extension of the term of the National Assembly and that of dictator Jammeh. Mr. Jammeh has filed a petition in court challenging the outcome of the elections. 
This followed a state of emergency declared by dictator Jammeh, citing external interference in Gambia’s internal politics. He also said there is increasing fear in the country, amid reports of an ECOWAS invasion to send Jammeh packing.
President elect Adama Barrow, is expected to be sworn in on Thursday. He temporally lives pending his inauguration.

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