Saturday 21 January 2017

Gambia: Jammeh Signs Off Tonight As He Leaves For Guinea Between 1am -5am Gambian Time

Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Our boss sorry for being quiet during this key moment, but a majority of DCC agents were on operation “out and in” which involved a lot of military personnel going to Senegal and returning back with ECOWAS. God willing DCC agents will share pictures of the operation at the appropriate time. DCC will still not say mission accomplished until monster Jammeh is out of the country.

Fellow Gambians, DCC can confirm to you that dictator Jammeh and devil Zeinab will leave between 1am to 5am Gambian time. Dictator Jammeh and his entire family, brothers, cousins, sisters, aunties, his mother, etc are all leaving for Morocco. DCC agents are at this moment helping dictator Jammeh and devil Zeinab pack. As clearly stated in our last report “ a majority “ of the army refused to fight for monster Jammeh. The senior officers tried every trick but the junior soldiers boldly stood their ground 
and did not even entertain the idea. But DCC can confirm to you that the post Jammeh era clock is about to start. Dictator Jammeh has been relying on spiritual doctors and somehow still believe that the international community will overturn the decisions they made on the Gambia.
Up to this afternoon dictator Jammeh was never panic, he was pretending that everything was just fine. But around 1pm, reality began to sink and he and devil Zeinab started shouting at each other. All these days, dictator Jammeh kept on telling the soldiers inside state house that everything is fine, he tried every avenue and each one got shut down. DCC wants to reaffirm to Gambians that “PACKING” is almost done and dictator Jammeh is here giving instructions that a majority of the items should be transported to Kanilai.
Earlier on during the day when he knew that he has to leave the country he sent a group of soldiers to Kanilai to retrieve some money and personal belongings but ECOWAS and the Gambian soldiers refused them entry. Monster Jammeh was furious and was shouting why he can’t access his Kanilai mansion. Since around 5pmin the evening people have been going to the airport to bid farewell to monster Jammeh and unknown to them dictator Jammeh will use every trick to delay his departure. But he received strict instructions that he must leave before 6am Saturday morning.
As we speak there are still people including DCC agents who are still there. Dictator Jammeh can go to the airport at any second, he is humiliated and he recorded a farewell too which will be played on GRTS. Dictator Jammeh is telling the soldiers that he is only going out for a short time and will return to Kanilai soon. The coalition and ECOWAS should not allow this monster and devil Zeinab to return to the Kanilia area, it will be just be a matter of time and he will destabilize that whole area and potentially the whole sub region. He will create a REBEL ZONE. If monster Jammeh fails to get out of the country before sunrise he will be humiliated and little children will throw stones at him. He will leave during darkness and not during daylight.
DCC knows exactly where monster Jammeh and devil Zeinab are going, they have a mansion in Morocco. DCC feels sorry for the people who are traveling and staying with dictator Jammeh. Once they arrive he will be shouting at them, he will put the whole blame on them and they will be miserable. DCC agents are already at the airport so that we can bid farewell to the two evil people Jammeh and Zeinab. Devil Zeinab bye bye, DCC will one day see you in court. Enjoy the last red carpet we just rolled for you in the state house, you make us work every day and you don’t pay us. Fellow Gambians, even during this last moment monster Jammeh and devil Zeinab are making DCC agents work hard by fixing the red carpet they are about to use for the last time
We just finished packing, we brought down all of the pictures and for security reasons we cannot tell everything we discovered. Power belongs to the people and DCC wishes the coalition the best !!!
This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.
Editors note: Diplomatic sources have hinted that President Alpha Conde of Guinea, has allocated Jammeh, his wife, family and entourage with a special villa to live. Mr. Jammeh is travelling with a sizable entourage, including some of his close security henchmen. Guinea, would be his new home. The dictator, who used to exile his countrymen, is today a refugee in a foreign land. 
In another development, President Barrow is expected back in the Gambia in the coming hours. Jammeh’s departure has been widely welcomed both at home and abroad. Gambian exiles are now free to return home. 

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