Friday 20 January 2017

Former Gambian Dictator Jammeh May Leave Gambia Tonight For Guinea!

Former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, might likely leave town tonight to resettle in Guinea Conakry, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jammeh is on the verge of finalizing the deal for his exit route, sources said. Although, Jammeh wants to have possession of his stolen wealth and assets within and outside the shores of the Gambia.

Few days ago, we reported in this medium that Jammeh and president Conde of Guinea are close buddies. It appears that Mr. Conde is going to trigger the breakthrough Gambians and the world at large have been yearning for to settle the month long political impasse. A statement from Jammeh stepping aside from the presidency, will soon be aired on GRTS.

Present and former Jammeh enablers, should know that Jammeh is snitching on them at this hour. Jammeh is claiming he alone cannot go down in this unexpected regime change. He is talking about millions of dollars joint venture wealth. He also wants president Barrow and the Gambian people to forgive him whatever might have transpired during his rule.

Folks, Yahya Jammeh, is going to leave town soon. There is no exact timeline for his departure, but sources said plans are afoot to have him resettled in Guinea. He might leave town tonight or in the next coming hours. Jammeh is travelling with his mum Asombi Bojang, family and some guards.

Reports have it that President Adama Barrow’s mom and Jammeh’s mom were invited at the talks. Assurances were made that there wouldn’t be any retribution against Jammeh. That National Reconciliation would be promoted.

If Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh is not arrested in coming hours, Guinean President of Alpha Conde, might have Jammeh as a guest. Conde and Jammeh are close buddies. Over the past weeks, Jammeh has been busy shipping his fancy cars and belongings to Guinea.
The relationship between Jammeh and Conde stems out the days of late President Alpha Conteh. Conde, was once jailed by Conteh. Jammeh brokered peace between him and Conteh.
When President Conteh died, Jammeh propped up Conde to vey for the Presidency. He financed Conde’s presidential bid. This is a top state secret. There are very few people privy to the details of Jammeh’s role in financing Conde’s Presidency.
It is also important to note that Jammeh’s wife Zeinab Souma Jammeh hailed from Guinea. Her late Dad is a Guinea. She is from “Kindy” in Guinea.
The relationship between Macky Sall and Conde is not cordial. Like Jammeh, Conde too rigged the past presidential polls in Guinea. He used the military to arrest and torture the opposition. Senegal favored the Guinean opposition leader, which never went down well with Conde.
Conde will not handover Jammeh to the ICC if requested. Both him and Jammeh are not in good terms with Macky.

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