Friday 20 January 2017

Fashion And Style: The Good Old Nigerian Hairstyles

Do you remember all those intricate and not so intricate hairstyles from so many years ago? Some of the popular names were koroba, kolese, patewo, shuku, etc. Patewo and Shuku seem to have outlived the rest, the others have just faded away into oblivion. 

One thing we cannot deny is the fact that those hairstyles were truly artistic. Some of the styles even had interesting names, for example 'kojusoko' (face your husband), 'panumo' (shut up, so Rihanna's shut up and drive wasn't such a new invention after all *wink*). However, some names were rather annoying. The one I hated most was 'ipako elede' (the back of a pig, ewww).

For starters, do you remember the threads from the picture below that was used for 'irun kiko' (threaded hair)? In my primary school days when most schools had a hairstyle roster that had to be followed, those were very common.

Now check out some of these hairstyles and pick out which of them you think you would still like to wear now, apart from shuku and patewo that are still very much in vogue even among the 'sisi league'

Ipako Elede

Onile Gogoro (tall building/skyscrapper)

Patewo (Clap)


Kolese (no legs)


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